Custom Logo Design for Houston Businesses

Your logo is typically the first thing the customer thinks of when they think of your brand. Your logo forms the foundation of all your corporate branding. A custom logo design from Linear Liquid can help your company stand out from the competition. Your logo is used on all of your marketing material including your letterhead, your website, and even on company vehicles. In order for your company to stand out from your competition, your logo needs to be unique, engaging, and well designed.

Houston Custom Logo Design

Professional Logo Design

Your brand is everything in business. The quality of your product, services, and how your business relates to its customers all affect how well your brand is perceived. Your logo is how your customers associate your brand with your company. Your logo will engage your customers on an emotional level and must be consistent with the quality of your products or services. Even if you have the best product on the market, you will not be taken seriously if your logo looks like it was designed by a third grader. Your brand is everything and a custom logo design is the foundation of that brand. Do not be tempted to take the cheapest route or look for a free logo design when it comes to this important representation of your company.

Since a professional logo design is the foundation of your company's corporate branding, it is important that your logo's design has meaning. You do not want your logo to just be a pretty picture or a text with a pretty font. Everything in design should have meaning and your logo is no exception. The typeface, the colors, and the imagery all work together to give your logo meaning and establish trust.

Custom Logo Design Process

When we create a custom logo, we start with detailed research about your company and your competition to develop several logo design ideas. In order for your logo to optimally represent your company it must be unique and memorable, but most importantly, it must fit with the overall brand strategy and culture of your company. This research is the most important part of the process and allows us to keep your professional logo design unique and engaging.

After our research is completed, we develop several different logo design samples from which you can choose. At this point, one or two revisions can be made so that the design perfectly represents your brand. After you choose the logo you want, we create a complete identity system for your company so your look is consistent across all your marketing channels.

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