Custom Print Design Services

Although many companies are increasing their online marketing efforts, there is still a need for custom print design services and traditional print advertising. Many consumers still appreciate a well designed magazine advertisement, unique billboard, or attractive poster. Print design can also be a way to set your company apart from your competition. Do not underestimate the power of unique business cards or letterhead. These tried and true examples of strong graphic design in print advertising can mean the difference between gaining a new client or losing a sale to your competition. If print advertising costs have drawn your company away from this traditional means of advertising, it might be time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

Advantages of Print Advertising

You probably interact with custom print design a lot more than you realize. Think about purchasing perfume or cologne at the local shopping mall. Those little cards that are branded and cut to allow you to take the scent with you are examples of custom print design. Next time you are at a fancy restaurant, look at the menu. That menu was custom designed for that restaurant to fit with the décor of the restaurant and appeal to its customers. The fancy tags on all your clothes are examples of printed design pieces that are used as part of a company's brand strategy to increase brand awareness. Even your favorite tabloid magazine is an example of print design. Your customers still like to have something tangible from your company they can see and feel. A creative and nicely printed advertising piece can help your branding efforts succeed. We aren't the only ones that hold to these print advertising facts. The truth is, even in this age of electronic everything, effective print design and advertising can still make an impact.

Custom Print Design Services

Linear Liquid can create custom print designs to fit a wide variety of advertising needs. Like all our other services, Linear Liquid conducts extensive research into your competition and your target market to make sure the finished piece is unique to your company and appeals to your intended audience. Our print advertising is designed to fit together with any corporate branding efforts you are already working on and will serve to increase your brand recognition.

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