Brand Development

Main Course Culinary Institute is a cooking school located at the MainStreet America theme park in Spring, TX. Main Course was created to teach people how to cook meals in a relaxed atmosphere using the latest culinary equipment and techniques. Linear Liquid designed the branding for Main Course and created several concepts for print advertisements and a website.

Branding Promotional Printed Piece - Shrimp Course Main Course Flyer Concept - Mastering the Blade

When approached by Main Course Culinary Institute for a new look, the brand strategy was simple - it needed to be clean and elegant and had to communicate the quality of instruction delivered. By going through our brand development process, the choice was made early on to have a logo created with text elements only. The next choice was to determine whether or not to use a serif or sans-serif typeface. Throughout most of the initial design phase, a sans-serif typeface was used to give the feeling of a modern institute. However, as Linear Liquid continued to conduct research, it was determined that a more traditional serif typeface would better communicate the more time honored values and techniques being taught. Brand development takes research, skill, and time. By relying on solid research and design skills, Linear Liquid was able to create an effective branding strategy and custom logo design for Main Course Culinary Institute.

Main Course Culinary Institute Digital Branding Concept

Digital Brand Strategy

The concept for the Main Course Culinary Institute was to simply stay consistent with the branding - simple and clean. Main Course delivers high quality culinary instruction and needs a website that matches that professionalism. In creating the concept, Linear Liquid researched other culinary schools and companies to create a layout and design that fits within the industry, but still has an identity of its own.

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