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Main Restaurant is an upscale dining establishment located in the visitor's center of the MainStreet America theme park. During the initial planning stages of the restaurant, Linear Liquid created a custom logo design, menu design, print advertising, and other custom print design pieces. Since we were designing an identity from an idea for a restaurant, we had to rely on artist renderings for the space and layout as well as the owner's vision of the restaurant. In the end, the custom print design pieces, logo, and website perfectly melded with the decor of the restaurant.

Print Design The Woodlands - Postcard for Mimosas for Mom

The theme for Main Restaurant is elegance with a casual flare. This is consistent throughout the entire branding/identity system - currently consisting of the logo, menu design, website and daily special cards. The use of typography, color choice and textures play an integral part in completing this custom print design concept. In addition, the logo itself features a heavy sans-serif typeface that reinforces the concept of robust flavors and a modern decor. To separate itself from the many dining establishments in Houston, the design of any print advertising pieces also needed to be memorable and engaging. When brainstorming creative advertising ideas, we wanted to take the advantages of print advertising into account. Print advertisements have a tactile feel and can convey a high end look with the right paper selection. Linear Liquid created several print advertising examples to refine the final look of the pieces.

Houston Print Design - Main Restaurant Menu

Print Design Inspiration

Website Design Concept for Main Restaurant

The inspiration of all the print design work is the food. This was also carried over to the website design for the restaurant. Main Restaurant is an upscale restaurant with a focus on quality. They use only the highest quality ingredients when preparing their food and we wanted to show off their attention to detail with high quality, close-up shots. The restaurant has a more modern look and feel so we also wanted the website to mimic the look of the restaurant. By carrying the look and feel of the restaurant through the website, we are able to create a cohesive look for the brand.

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