Houston Graphic Design Concept

When Great American Living was in its early stages, Linear Liquid was brought in for graphic design work which included developing a strong brand identity for this innovative new Houston company. Great American Living Furniture and Accessories is an innovative new way to shop for furniture. The idea is to combine the best ideas from traditional brick-and-mortar furniture stores and marry them with the best in online shopping to create a new way to buy custom furniture and accessories.

Great American Living Website Design Concept

In developing a graphic design concept for the Great American Living website, Linear Liquid focused on simplicity and ease of use. The design of the site is understated while remaining classy. The high end nature of the furniture being sold lends itself to an elegant site featuring warm earthy tones that place emphasis on the product being sold. In addition, Linear Liquid used graphic design principles and elements to introduce the use of contrasting bands of color. These bands create a visual hierarchy that separates the page into regions of content. By designing in this manner, the focus of the user is on the furniture and not the surrounding elements. By paying attention to solid graphic design concepts and ideas, Linear Liquid was able to design an effective website that has a traditional feel and a modern look. In addition to website design, Linear Liquid also provided custom graphic design for Houston targeted print advertisements. These ads relied heavily on quality product photography and clear visual hierarchy to engage viewers and reinforce the brand identity.

Great American Living Magazine Spread

Linear Liquid went through many different graphics concepts in order to create a strong corporate identity package for Great American Living. The logo design for Great American Living features a strong serif typeface to reinforce the quality of the furniture. The typeface has a nice weight that sets it apart from many competing furniture stores. Many furniture stores today feature a script typeface or a modern sans-serif typeface. The goal of this corporate image is to reinforce the values of quality and craftsmanship inherent in the types of furniture offered. By conducting quality research of the intended target market in Houston, Linear Liquid was able to develop a corporate identity design that is appealing and appropriate.

Great American Living Single Page Ad

Corporate Identity and Branding

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