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Cheap Logos-How to position your company as amateurish.

I ran across an interesting infographic today titled “Does Design Matter?” As the owner of a graphic design firm, I would say that design absolutely matters to the success of your business. According to this infographic, it would seem that most people, 80%, polled would agree that design is important to the success of their business. If that many people think that graphic design is important, then why do they opt for cheap logos and cheap website designs to represent their business?

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The New Year - Our Commitment to Small Business

With the New Year usually comes New Year’s resolutions. While it can be good to resolve to do something to different in the New Year, sometimes it helps to ask why are you doing what you resolve to do. At Linear Liquid, our resolution for 2014 is unchanged from 2013, and that resolution is to make design and branding available to any small business. At Linear Liquid, we understand the demands and pressures of small business owners because we are a small business and have to deal with the same issues.

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Does Advertising Still Work?

Advertising bombards us hundreds of times each day, but we do not pay attention to many of them. So the question is, “Does small business advertising still work?” I would say, “Yes!” provided that the advertising is done correctly. Now I am not talking about multi-million dollar ad campaigns from large companies such as Apple, but for small businesses operating locally. The issue small businesses are facing is targeting their advertising to their customers. In order to maximize your company’s advertising you need to consider three things.

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