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First Baptist Church The Woodlands turned to Linear Liquid for help with corporate branding and logo development to keep pace with the changes it is currently facing. First Baptist Church The Woodlands (FBCTW), is a thriving church that ministers to the needs of the local community. Through their many outreach ministries, FBCTW has been able to spread the Word throughout the world. With the influx of new people moving into The Woodlands, FBCTW has seen its membership grow. This growth led to the addition of an additional campus, the Church at Birnham Woods. With the membership continuing to grow, it has become necessary to expand the current facilities to best meet the needs of the congregation.

First Baptist Church The Woodlands Business Cards

Corporate Logo developmentin Houston can be a challenge, especially for a church. There are many overused symbols in church logos that although meaningful, make it difficult for a church to stand out. Luckily, Linear Liquid's logo design process can help. While brainstorming different logo design ideas for First Baptist Church The Woodlands, Linear Liquid wanted to utilize some sort of symbolism while creating a memorable design to set the church apart from others in the area. The three trees represent the Trinity while alluding to the fact that the church is located in The Woodlands. The type is also enlarged to put the emphasis on Woodlands First showing that the church ministers to the local community first and equips them to carry to spread the gospel outside the local area. Finally, the mark has an iconic style that lends itself to a wide variety of uses in signage, t-shirts, or other promotional items. By creating a custom logo design that can be used in a wide variety of applications, Linear Liquid has helped First Baptist church re-brand itself and prepare for future growth.

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Website Design

Double-Tap Photography Website Design

The professional website design concept for First Baptist Church The Woodlands was to reinforce the idea of family. Because the church is growing, they wanted to make sure the congregation retains its close family feel. By designing a website that utilizes imagery of families, we hope to reinforce their core values.

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