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The Piccolo Theater Company is an up and coming drama and dance performance school located in The Woodlands, TX. In addition to teaching people of all ages in the art and practice of drama and dance, the Piccolo Theater Company creates high quality and entertaining productions. The quality of Piccolo's theater productions is rivaled only by the quality and dedication of their instructors. The artistry of Piccolo's productions and the elegance of the performers are the focus of Piccolo's professional website design.

Piccolo Theatre Company Custom Website Design

When Piccolo Theater Company puts on a production, they do so in style. In order to set Piccolo apart from other theater companies in Houston, a website design with the idea of showcasing the actors and dancers was chosen. The website focuses on photography taken during different productions. As each production is artistic in nature, they usually feature brightly colored costumes and lighting. A neutral and dark color palette was chosen for each web page design to complement the photography and let the imagery tell a story. Although this site was initially designed for full screen browsing on desktops, the design was easily converted to a responsive site that will work across a variety of screen sizes and devices. By creating a custom website design that can be adapted for future technologies, Linear Liquid has given Piccolo Theater Company the look they need within their given budget.

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Piccolo initially contacted Linear Liquid to create a website design for the company. However, it was soon determined that branding  was also needed. Piccolo had a logo and minor print pieces, but was not satisfied with the overall presentation and general message that look was portraying. Piccolo made it clear that a letter mark was the direction, and it needed to be very simple and clean, but have a hint of playfulness. This was executed by simply choosing an appropriate typeface and altering the "i" to communicate the emotions of in theatrical performances. By custom designing a new logo and creating a custom website design, Linear Liquid was able to give Piccolo Theatre Company an online production that rivals their real-world productions.

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