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Double-Tap Photography is an action sports photography company in The Woodlands, TX that needed a fantastic branding strategy. Double-Tap Photography specializes in shooting local sporting events and providing family and friends with action shots of the event. Double-Tap Photography has shot many local sports such as ORWALL baseball, i9 Football, volleyball, Sam Houston State University Football, and Texas Dutch Lions soccer. In order to promote themselves as a leading photography company, Double-Tap needed a high quality branding strategy and a custom logo design. The requirements were an iconic logo that could be used separately from the name, and a logo that had elements of photography without resorting to an image of a camera.

Double-Tap Photography Business Cards

Double-Tap Photography initially approached Linear Liquid for a creative branding strategy. After meeting with Double-Tap and doing extensive research, it was realized that there is a lot of competition for sports photography in the Houston area. However, with a unique name like Double-Tap, it would allow for a very strong, informative mark. The logo features wings which symbolizes the action and the gracefulness of sports, the bullet chamber of a pistol to symbolize the rapid nature of sports shooting, and an aperture out of a camera.

Double-Tap Photography Flyer

The overall branding strategy for the Houston area was to leverage the unique characteristics of the mark and to promote the brand in unique ways. Double-Tap first sponsored a local baseball team which gained brand recognition and increased profits by over 50%. This increased brand recognition led to Double-Tap being asked to photograph additional sporting events including the Texas Dutch Lions soccer club and the Sam Houston State University Football team. Another part of the branding and marketing strategy for Double-Tap is quick delivery. Linear Liquid was able to help Double-Tap implement an online ordering platform to reduce the amount of time between the games and the delivery of photos. This strategy helped to capitalize on the excitement surrounding each game. Linear Liquid also designed several marketing pieces that helped to connect the company with its customers. By engaging their customers and being accessible to parents and coaches, Double-Tap was able to gain repeat business. Overall, the branding strategy implemented by Linear Liquid helped Double-Tap Photography to better engage potential customers and increase sales and profits.

Double-Tap Photography Custom T-Shirt Design

Website Design

Double-Tap Photography Website Design

Double-Tap wanted a clean design that put the focus on their photography. Since most of the photographs would be in a password protected gallery, a public gallery was needed to appropriately showcase their portfolio. The site has relatively few links, but the the clean, straightforward design and ease of navigation keep visitors engaged. Since many of the clients had relatives that were not well versed in technology, Linear Liquid had to create a design that was simple to navigate. This simplicity was key in keeping Double-Tap focused on its customers’ needs. Linear Liquid was able to build a custom website for Double-Tap Photography that supported their brand strategy and use it as a strong foundation to build their business.

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